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Southern Farm and Wind Understands the Unique Needs of Your Fishery

The U.S produces over 627 million pounds of freshwater and marine aquaculture. These busy farms rely on a lot of pieces falling into the right place. This includes everything from the equipment needed to run the fisheries to the people needed to harvest the fish. Southern Farm and Wind understand that fisheries are a huge part of the US economy in addition to providing us with our seafood favorites. That’s why having fishery insurance is crucial for both your fishing business and the many people that rely on it.

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What is Fishery Insurance?

Fishery insurance can be divided into four main categories: asset risks, production and management risks, market risks, and personal and/or health risks.

Asset Risks

Asset risks include loss and/or damage to equipment, gear and any other fishing machinery.

Production and Management Risks

Production and management risks include the loss of catch, fish disease, or other factors that lead to production failure.

Market Risks

Market risks include the changes in prices (for outputs and inputs) as well as increases in interest rates.

Personal and Health Risks

Personal and health risks cover the most important part of your fishery – your people. This includes job related injuries and illnesses.

Do I Need Insurance for My Fishery?

The needs of a particular fishery can’t be met with a one-size-fits-all solution. However, there are some baseline benefits to continuously having fishery insurance. Fishery Insurance allows you to protect your fish farmers against accidents and protect your business from financial loss. Other benefits include:

  • Protection against unavoidable natural hazards
  • Reducing the risk for the financial institutions that are in charge of your fishery’s credit
  • Reducing the need to rely on the government for assistance after a natural disaster

Contact Southern Farm and Wind Insurance for Comprehensive Protection for Your Fishery

Are you unsure of what insurance your fishery needs? Interested in exploring your options while saving money at the same time? Southern Farm and Wind Insurance has the answers you need to make informed Aquiculture policy decisions! Southern Farm and Wind Insurance is a family business with 3 generations of experience serving all kinds of commercial and agricultural business insurance in the South. Give us a call today for a free no-risk Aquaculture insurance quote to protect the company you have worked so hard to establish and  work so hard to run.

To set an appointment with one of our knowledgeable fishery insurance agents or if you have any questions regarding commercial farm and ranch insurance contact Southern Farm and Wind Insurance by calling 1-800-385-1559. We proudly serve the South including the states of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, and their surroundings. For an online Agri-business insurance quote, simply fill out the “get a quote” form on this page. We look forward to working with you!

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