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Protect Your Commercial Farm or Ranch With AgriBusiness Insurnace

If you own a commercial ranch or farm, your operation faces unique risks and liabilities. A standard business or home insurance policy probably wouldn’t have the coverage you need, or for that matter even take responsibility for covering your losses when the hard times hit. Would you be able to take care of the bill left after your property becomes severely damaged or your crops don’t grow or sell this year? Probably not. Luckily, this is where Commercial Agriculture Business Insurance from Southern Farm and Wind of Georgia comes in.

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To a certain degree, Commercial Agriculture Business Insurance, also called commercial farm and ranch insurance, policies work similarly to standard Business Owners Package (BOP) insurance plans. These plans include property insurance, business insurance and liability protection. However, commercial farm and ranch policies can also provide protection for barns, outbuildings, machinery, grain, hay, arenas and various other commercial farm/ranch buildings and machinery.

How to Find the Right Agri Business Insurance Company For Your Commercial Farm or Ranch

There are many insurance companies that promote themselves as experts in Agri business, and in the southeast it’s hard to sort through the pack. If you’re an owner of any Agri business, you need to make sure your prospective commercial farm and ranch insurance agent is well-versed in the daily procedures, operations and pitfalls of your farm or ranch.

Southern Farm and Wind Insurance has the knowledge and experience to help you create a customized Agri Business Insurance plan. We’ll make sure your policy fits your operation’s need for individual coverages. Is the land you work leased? No worries. We’ll help you find suitable coverage regardless of your situation. Whether you own your property and work the land, or rent to another party, we’ll help you find the right commercial farm and ranch insurance mixes to attain proper protection.

Southern Farm and Wind Insurance has the Know-how for Your Commercial Farm & Ranch Operation in the South

Agri business owners and the employees that work for them are perennially perceived in national surveys as having some of the most hazardous occupations. So, what does that mean for you as the owner? If you don’t have the right coverage for your commercial farm or ranch operation or not enough adequate insurance, one careless action could spell financial disaster for your Agri business. What is the point of having and paying for insurance if it is not protecting you from risk?

Southern Farm and Wind has real experts in Agri Business insurance who look forward to meeting with you to discuss the specifics of your commercial farm and ranch situation. Our trusted agents won’t oversell you; they just want to help you find the peace of mind you deserve by determining what kind of coverage fits with the unique needs of your commercial farm or ranch. If you work in Agri business, you take enough risks every day. Choosing the right insurance agency and policy shouldn’t be one of them.

What Are Your Commercial Farm & Ranch Coverage Needs?

Do you grow row crops, grain or feed? Raise livestock or cattle? Are you a dairy farmer? Is your commercial operation a horse farm, Hobby farm or fertilizer manufacturer?

Whatever the size or coverage you need for your Agri Business, we’ll shop our multiple insurance providers to find you the right coverages at price points that fit your budget. Some of the Farm and Ranch insurance products we offer include:

  • Tobacco Farm Insurnace
  • Livestock/Cattle Ranch and Farm Insurance
  • Hay Insurance
  • Equine Farm Insurance
  • Horticulture Farm Insurance

What Does a Typical Commercial Farm & Ranch Policy Cover?

Typical business/commercial farm and ranch policies provide building coverages, combined with provisions to cover your furnishings and commercial equipment, including machinery and tools.

Standard commercial farm and ranch insurance policies also include a liability provision. This coverage provides protection if someone with permission to be on your property suffers bodily injury or property damage due to an accident. You can also add umbrella coverage to extend your protection in case you end up in court over a liability claim.

Additionally, if you live on your property, a typical commercial farm and ranch policy will also cover your personal belongings such as:

  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Appliances

Does Agri Business Insurance Include Weather Coverage?

Another area of great concern to all companies engaged in Agri business is the weather. A month of unusual weather could mean crops won’t grow. Unusual weather could also mean your crops grow so well that they die before you can even harvest them! Not all-weather events can be insured with commercial farm and ranch insurance from Southern Farm and Wind, but the right insurance can safeguard against the crop losses you’re likely to face at least once on your land.

Quality Agri Business Insurnace from Southern Farm and Wind Customized to Your Coverage Needs in The Southeast

Your Agri Business coverage types don’t have to be limited to what is provided by typical commercial farm and ranch insurance policies. Southern Farm and Wind Insurance policies can be tailored to include additional buildings, machinery or even coverage for accidents caused by one of your animals. Your commercial farm and ranch insurance policy can also add provisions to cover:

  • Milk contamination
  • Crop damage
  • Cargo
  • Flood
  • Fire liability
  • Employers liability
  • Equine liability
  • Commercial Auto

Contact Southern Farm and Wind Insurance of Georgia for a Free Agri Business Insurance Quote!

What coverages do you need for your commercial farm or ranch operation? Not sure? Interested in exploring your options and saving money? Southern Farm and Wind Insurance has the answers you need to make informed policy decisions! Southern Farm and Wind Insurance has over 3 generations of experience serving the South and over 30 years of expertise in all kinds of commercial and agricultural business insurance. Give us a call today for risk-free insurance coverage quote to protect the Agri Business you have worked so hard to establish and run.

Give Southern Farm and Wind Insurance a call at 1-800-385-1559 for appointment scheduling or to ask any questions over commercial farm and ranch insurance you may have. We offer free commercial agriculture business insurance quotes for the states of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, and their surroundings. Or for an Agri business insurance quote online, simply fill out the "get a quote" form on this page. We look forward to serving you!

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