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    As local Southern insurance agents, we have an advantage when it comes to identifying common risk exposures of local farmers and ranchers in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Mississippi. Whether you raise crops, livestock, cattle or do all three on your stretch of land we’ll take the time to learn the ins and outs of your farm or ranch operation in order to match you with the most appropriate insurance solution

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Our Services

At Southern Farm and Wind Insurance, we specialize in Farm, Ranch, and Commercial Agriculture Insurance. We offer a multitude of poultry insurance, row crop insurance, cattle farm insurance, and many other farm and ranch policies. But our insurance products don't end there. We also offer Farm Estate planning through Nationwide Insurance, which can help your farm or ranch in transitioning from one generation to the next. We know the importance of keeping a farm going for generations to come, and can help you make this an effortless reality. We can be your one-stop shop for insurance coverage in the South.


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    Equine Insurance

    Whether you are a personal horse owner or run a commercial operation, your horses are a source of pride and joy, as well as a major asset that must be protected. There are many different types of coverage for every unique horse owner’s needs and risks. Southern Farm and Wind Insurance proudly serves a variety of equine insurance policies. Read More

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    Dairy Farm Insurance

    Whatever type of dairy farm you operate, there are a number of aspects that go into the proper care and protection of your milking operation. This makes dairy farms insurance coverage a necessity. Your machinery, buildings, land, animals, employees, and even income are all subject to damage and loss, and therefore all need the protection that comes with a custom dairy farm insurance plan from Southern Farm and Wind Insurance.  Read More



  • Poultry insurance

    Poultry Insurance

    Commercial producers of domesticated birds such as chickens and turkeys in the United States know it’s important to protect their biggest investments. With the right insurance coverage from Southern Farm and Wind Insurance, your eggs will never be in one basket. Our experienced independent insurance agents can deliver flexible, individually tailored poultry insurance solutions for poultry processors and growers. Read More

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    Row Crop Farm Insurance

    Row Crop insurance protects farmers who grow crops during difficult times. From unexpected natural disasters, like flooding or hail, to major economic changes in the marketplace, there are many risks associated with the crop industry. With the right crop insurance coverage, you can protect your business. Read More

  • Farm and Ranch Insurance
    Made Just For You

    Those who own and operate farms or ranches in the south have a firm understanding of the hard work it takes. It's not a job you leave at the end of the day, and most of the time it's a family affair. That's a whole lot to deal with. Southern Farm and Wind Insurance wants to help farmers protect everything that truly matters to them, from their land and transportation to their animals, property, and family, with the right insurance coverage 

    At Southern Farm and Wind Insurance, we know and specialize in insurance for all types of farms, ranches, and agriculture businesses. Whether your operation harvests crops or raises livestock, whether you run a small hobby farm or a large multi-generational family ranching operation, our insurance products and services can be customized to meet the needs of your farm or ranch. Let us show you how to make risk a thing of the past, contact us today at 1-800-385-1559 or online via our contact form. 

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